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Our best users come from different parts in the world!
They are You!

How about a network that disburses revenue to charities, non-profits & humans in crisis situations, guided by proposals and informative ideas? NFT's that evolve into players in a metaverse game? DAO community management ?

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How do we educate new crypto users to ongoing defi scams and supply a platform to bridge together different thought groups? Metaverse AMA's that focus on how to combat crises such as water, food, gas, famine, health, housing and education ., Put a community in a cool place with some block avatars and you have Sandbox , But put a community together that helps others in staying abreast of all security protocols concerning De-Fi, enshrouded in the metaverse with a game to interact as players and interchangeable avatars then you have a C4C Metaverse Marketplace. Think COD meets GTA and you will have an idea of how our P2E will look and work.

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