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There is no limit to the extent that blockchain technology can do to assist in bridging tried and true ideas with newer, swifter, flexible, innovative thoughts. Think of a wireless network to monitor your heart which communicates directly to a server, and stores your body vitals in real time. Now think about what that type of technolgy could behold !

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How about a network that disburses revenue to charities, non-profits & humans in crisis situations, guided by proposals and informative ideas? NFT's that evolve into players in a metaverse game? DAO community management ?

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We offer two types of crowdsales: IEO on P2B Exchange & ILO on Unicrypt. Both purchases reserves 25% bonus through sign-up on website.



$C4C aims to not only donate to world issues but challenge competitors to place priority on their communities, where the real wealth is.


How do we educate new crypto users to ongoing defi scams and supply a platform to bridge together different thought groups? Metaverse AMA's that focus on how to combat crises such as water, food, gas, famine, health, housing and education ., Put a community in a cool place with some block avatars and you have Sandbox , But put a community together that helps others in staying abreast of all security protocols concerning De-Fi, enshrouded in the metaverse with a game to interact as players and interchangeable avatars then you have a C4C Metaverse Marketplace. Think COD meets GTA and you will have an idea of how our P2E will look and work.

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Early Q4, Oct 2022

  • Crowd Sale 1
  • Audit 2
  • Apply for CMC
  • AMA
  • Partnership Non-Profits

Late Quarter 4, Dec 2022

  • C4C CEX Beta
  • P2B Exchange IEO 
  • Unicrypt DEX ILO 
  • Metaverse R&D

Early Quarter 1, Jan 2023

  • C4C/POLY Launch
  • DAO (Proposal test)
  • C4C/ETH Listing
  • Exchange Alpha

Late Quarter 1, 2023

  • C4C/ETH CEX listing
  • Play-to-Earn NFT deployment
  • Disburse 1rst donation through DAO proposals

Quarter 2, 2023

  • Blockchain Creation R&D
  • C4C Stable coin R&D
  • ERC721 Use Case R&D

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